Monday, 22 September 2014

Did Christ Jesus establish a Religion

On the new Video re Christ V Religion:

The clip is an attack on hypocrisy, however it fails to treat this illness of hypocrisy biblically.

See Christ did not come to destroy religion but rather heal it, it was Him who established the new system, based on what He Himself established in the old; He said "I did not come to destroy... but to fulfil" (Matt 5:17), it was Him that selected 12 disciples and another 70, sent them and told them what to do, where to go, gave them authority, showed them what to do when they meet ie the Eucharist, He endorsed the practice of Baptism, instructed them to fast, (Matt 9:15, Mark 2:20) in addition to many other specific things that can be researched in detail' eg. confession, anointing of the sick (James 5:14-18 and Mark 6:13), orders in the church (1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1).... the list goes on...

These are religious practices, i.e. Religion.

His disciples applied these instructions and as He authorised them they established the Church, by the grace and work of the Holy Spirit.

The new believers, were subject to the church on how to practice their faith, ... read Acts 15:22-29, and from that era as the church was authorised by Christ guided the people along the path.

This person is misguided yet has a very valid point when he speaks about self righteousness of a religious person....that is why the church fathers have written Books on humility....

Be careful of these deceiving messages they only serve to distance you from the house of the Lord, where you may offer repentance and receive absolution and His Body and Blood as a continuous source of cleansing of our sins until His return back to earth for the day of judgment....

I came across this clip from a young Catholic, can't wait for an Orthodox one all decorated with those ancient icons, a taste of heaven:

A Response to "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus...

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